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Founded in 1975, Edwin H. Breyfogle is proud to offer attorney services. We offer excellent legal representation in bankruptcy, business, divorce, and wills and trusts. We take the utmost care in the quality of how we represent our clients and in the procurement of professional and proficient attorneys that offer a wide array of services. Our clients' interests are our top priority, and we are dedicated to assisting them in the pursuit of their goals.

What We Offer

Family Law & Divorce

At Edwin H. Breyfogle, we represent men and women encountering any domestic law issue. Changes within the family unit often make for legal issues in other areas. There may be a new home to buy or sell that the family shared. A will may need to be revised. Or, in a worst case, there may be overwhelming financial troubles. Our lawyers help you through law matters and assist you in finding solutions to subsequent legal issues.


Probate, Wills & Trusts

You want to protect your family and yourself in the case of an unfortunate event. We help you to protect your assets through sealed legal documents, processes and tools that ensure your wishes are known when you are no longer able to voice them.

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